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Written by The Princess

Dear Brooklyn,
There’s something I’ve been trying to tell you. I’ve had this feeling for a long time — almost ten years — and I’m ready to say it.

I love you Brooklyn. Seriously and deeply and madly.

This morning walking through Brooklyn Heights, within the space of two blocks, I saw a prep school girl threaten to “tell everyone you’re wearing granny panties”. That was followed up by what was apparently the same prep school’s club dedicated to emulating “Ice-T’s Rap School”.

yo man. biology is like my favorite.
yo yo. let me tell you, dat chemistry lesson was mad cool.


Brooklyn, I think the sexiest thing about you is your narrow streets cramped with double parked cars and the way you have those truck drivers who can manage to fit through the spaces with ease. Like that guy this morning in the 15′ cube truck on Joralemon who squeezed his sides in and passed a row of cars on the right and a 24′ Budget rental truck on his left with literally 3″ of wiggle room. Total.


A wise man once said of new relationships, ignore everything they say and pay attention to everything they do.

Well, I’ve been watching you Brooklyn and I just wanted you to know …
I love you right back.

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