It’s finally happening.

I’ve been wanting a writing retreat for years now. I’ve made plans, I’ve gotten offers for places to stay, but somehow something’s always come up. Or I’ve put it off. Or maybe it just wasn’t time.

Well, now, it is time.

I have taken a week off from work, promised to be completely unavailable to any and all clients for a full 10 days, and tomorrow I am flying my happy writing butt to Paris.


I’m going over with a couple of friends, including CC of Niagara-ish Falls fame. She’s turning 30, so we’ve used that as a brilliant excuse to fly to Europe and spend a week writing and drinking wine and staring at France from a cafe window. Seriously that’s the plan.

No museums, no churches, no tour busses. A laptop, some brie and a big vat of Bordeaux. Bring it.

God, I may have to start smoking again.

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Susan Kent is a small town Georgia girl living in Brooklyn, NY, and working on those deep rooted issues from her southern upbringing. She's a freelance writer and storyteller and co-host of Tell It: Brooklyn, a storytelling show for grownups. Susan frequently performs around NYC at shows like The Moth StorySLAM, Yum's the Word, and Mara Wilson's "What Are You Afraid Of?" Her stories have aired on a variety of podcasts and radio shows including, The Moth Radio Hour, Kevin Allison's Risk! podcast, Dingmantics, You Can't Make That Up and many others. If you want to get more intimate with Susan & her thoughts, feel free to follow her on Twitter @TheSusanKent. (Not to be confused with the Canadian actress of the same name, which happens more than you would believe.)

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