If You Ever Doubted My Stories About South Georgia…

An old high school friend, and (full disclosure) a guy who I had a crush on back in the day, recently made a comment on his Facebook wall and although I know better, I responded. Now, I know that I grew up in South Georgia and that a lot of my old friends and I do not see eye to eye on a lot of things — not that we did back then either, but I was kind of outnumbered. So, it was either tolerate some pretty severe differences, or go without friends.

Since Facebook has come around, I’ve reconnected with a lot of these people again. We share a history and they’ve each had an impact on my life, and most of them in a good way. I’m fully aware that the differences are still there, so I’ve tried to maintain a distance when it comes to posts that involve politics or religion. I really have.

But this time I just couldn’t help it.

I’ve copied the thread below, and only included the folks who became big players in the conversation. If you’re friends with me on Facebook – feel free to search through my page to see the whole mess. And, note, all misspellings and flagrant grammatical aberrations  are their own.

Old High School Friend: Anyone who supports Obama, can officially say they are a sellout, the fucking nigger is a sellout, and the blacks just see he looks black, he IS gonna fuck us all though, I guess then blacks and whites will finally come together and defeat the niggers of the world! It has nothing to do with color for me, it’s how u represent urself…..hear that urself, yep u r actually responsible for U and what U do, and HOW u do it!!

Susan Kent seriously? on your facebook wall? i guess there is some respect for you showing your true colors. but … gotta say. it’s super sad to see it. enjoy being a “christian”.

Lady Friend #1: Old High School Friend is a christian. A very angry one right now…..and yes this is HIS facebook wall LIKE IT OR NOT.

Lady Friend #2: Did you know he also won the Nobel Piece Prize n for what?

Lady Friend #2: Last I checked it’s not Christian to judge n we do live in American so we have freedom of our opinion n SPEECh……It’s what we call an amendment? Shakalaka…

Lady Friend #2: Ok folks do we have to be so serious n intense? It is what it is Obama F**ked up n this should never be about race but he opened that door. This is the first president to find a way to tax the “pale people of the world” yes he put a flippin tax on the tanning bed!! Really? He just lost my vote he singled out a race n that’s just not cool.

Lady Friend #2:N I’m seriously putting this on FB!!!! I got ur back my brother n beautiful friend. Speak ur mind n be proud of where we come from n what we believe in. We actually do what we say n don’t make pormiises we never intend on keeping. Apparently Oboma is not from the South.

Susan Kent I guess some people have different definitions of “Christian.”

Lady Friend #1: Some people dont go around defining and judging who or what a “christian” is.

Lady Friend #2: Amen Lady Friend #1 ….

Lady Friend #2: Ok… If you judge someone for haveing an opinion or how they express it is just flippin wrong n why throw religon in the mix? Old High School Friend is one of the most kind, honest, non judgemental n giving person I know. He would give the shirt off his back if needed so to call him or his opinion Un Christian is pissing folks off n just not cool!! Ugh to live in the Bible Belt…

Susan Kent I was referring to his blatant racism.

Old High School Friend: This is where I chime in, I’m not racist, is not color, damn it is so easy to say that and play that card, I have black friends, I respect them as they do me, but here, and what ur not gonna believe is, they agree with me they don’t like “niggers” either, u r the reason it’s the way it is, the easiest way to control is to divide, u r just part of the problem, because u r not looking from outside the box, if U will noticed I said maybe then the blacks and white will come together and defeat the niggers of the world, u folks kill me u only see what u want to see as they want it to be……puppet

Old High School Friend: Thanks Lady Friend #2 for the comments i am who I am……me

Lady Friend #1: Its ok for blacks to be racist. After all their great great great grandparents were done wrong by our great great great grandparents. I for one am sick of the constant pity party. I dont feel sorry for people white or black who wont work. Im treated horrible by certain people just because I am white. It is about time we start standing up for ourselves and arent afraid to say that we have been treated unfairly. I for one am glad that Steve isnt afraid to call a spade a spade. No pun intended.

Susan Kent Old High School Friend, ask your black friends how they feel about you using the word “nigger” to refer to people – there are plenty of other words that you could use that don’t incite such a reaction. I am positive you know that and I was just surprised how easily you used it in such a public forum.

Lady Friend #1: It was a poor choice of words but we live in very unfair world and those things happen when we are angry. I dont think it was a word I would have used but attacking them and their faith isnt any better. Sometimes it is better to just let people speak their feelings and talk to them about it, not scold them like a child. It only makes matters worse and you looking just as guilty.

Lady Friend #1:  Him and his faith….not them and their. Oops

Old High School Friend: They are sitting next to me, looking over my shoulder, what you do not understand is that I actually speak from my heart, we share this planet….we all do, that is why I can use it, just as I say it, because I fucking mean it, it comes from my heart, it’s not color as u so r tryin so hard to make it, it’s just as I say, they come in all colors, and I use it because y’all do but only when it’s in your favor or gain

Susan Kent Of course you can say whatever you like and I’m sure that it comes from your heart and that you mean it. But, I’m not sure what you mean by “I use it because y’all do but only when it’s in your favor or gain”.

Old High School Friend:  Look I’m not looking to debate, it’s what each of us believes, and its my page, either don’t read it or unfriend me, thats the only two choices u have

And, as soon as I’m sure there are going to be no more comments on the thread … I’ll be making my choice.

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10 thoughts on “If You Ever Doubted My Stories About South Georgia…

  1. Wow! While I share a common history with you and, by default, the old friend you reference, I am appalled at his and the lady friends’ views. I consider myself a Christian, but I guess he and I take a different view of what that means. Whether I agree or disagree with a political view, the type of hate shown in those comments disgusts me. I appreciate where I came from, but I’m embarrassed to share a background with those who express these thoughts.

  2. Hey EFuzz –

    Yeah. I really thought once I called him out, he’d back down from it or at least provide a better explanation, but he didn’t. What’s really sad for me is that none of them seems to understand just how much hate they’re spewing under the cloak of free speech and their so-called Christian views.

    Not everyone from the South is like this, obviously, but far too many of them are — and sadly, they tend to have the biggest mouths, which makes us Southerners have the reputation we do.

    Southerner by birth; Escapee by the grace of God.

  3. I’ll be riding my bike in GA over the weekend, around Pine Mountain to be exact. Other than that n enjoying a good boiled peanut, I can’t really relate. Oh, n I’m not a fan of cutting the ‘a’ & ‘d’ out of and.

  4. Ummm…wow, unbelievable. I forget the ignorance that still exists down there. Mind you, not everyone is like that just 90%.

  5. I am from Fitzgerald Ga. , and I still live in South Georgia . I am, also , as pale as they come , and I found High school friend’s words very offensive. Therefore , you are going to have a hard time convincing me that a black person is going to support high school friends choice of words . I love it when white people use the N word and try to act like they are talking about the way a certain group of people act and it has nothing to do with the color of someone’s skin . GIVE ME A BREAK ! I realize this is from a while back . But I just ran across it , and I had to say something .

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