Don’t Call It a Comeback

After an 8-month hiatus, I’m back behind the bar and you guys … I’m actually liking it. Turns out, I’m really good at hospitality and I enjoy it. Weird, right?

Of course, the reason I came out of retirement was financial. Summer slows things down some with the freelance stuff. So I reached out to pick up some extra shifts and ended up with a regular Saturday night gig. And it hackneyedly felt like going home.

Where It All Started

Before they called it “duck face.”

That’s what helped me have the realization — and accept the fact — that I’m just a service industry kind of girl and it’s totally cool. Honestly, I enjoy taking care of customers and helping them have a good time. I even like muddling and salting rims … to a point.

Now, I still consider myself a Writer, capital W.  Which is actually huge that I’ve gotten there. (I had to write “I am a writer” on our bathroom wall and read it every time I peed for months before I was able to actually say it aloud.) I haven’t given up the freelance gigs and I do love the fact that I get paid to write Tweets, among other things.

But, I’m also a bartender. And that’s cool too.


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