Don’t Call It a Comeback

After an 8-month hiatus, I’m back behind the bar and you guys … I’m actually liking it. Turns out, I’m really good at hospitality and I enjoy it. Weird, right?

Of course, the reason I came out of retirement was financial. Summer slows things down some with the freelance stuff. So I reached out to pick up some extra shifts and ended up with a regular Saturday night gig. And it hackneyedly felt like going home.

Where It All Started

Before they called it “duck face.”

That’s what helped me have the realization — and accept the fact — that I’m just a service industry kind of girl and it’s totally cool. Honestly, I enjoy taking care of customers and helping them have a good time. I even like muddling and salting rims … to a point.

Now, I still consider myself a Writer, capital W.  Which is actually huge that I’ve gotten there. (I had to write “I am a writer” on our bathroom wall and read it every time I peed for months before I was able to actually say it aloud.) I haven’t given up the freelance gigs and I do love the fact that I get paid to write Tweets, among other things.

But, I’m also a bartender. And that’s cool too.

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About Susan

Susan Kent is a small town girl from South Georgia living in Park Slope and writing web articles for life coaches to earn a little money and a lot of good karma. That’s cool though, because as soon as the book deal comes in, it’ll be all good. (You hear me, big time publishers?) Until then, Susan sporadically writes pieces of her memoir and tells stories at events like The Moth StorySLAM, 826 NYC’s Knight of Time and the storytelling series she co-hosts, Tell It: Brooklyn. If you want to get more intimate, feel free to read her tell-way-too-much blog or follow on Twitter @SoDiscomforts.

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